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About Us

We are proud to introduce ourselves as Channel Sales & Service Partners with

Super-Tech General Trading India Private Limited (SuperTech for short) has been Chesterton’s channel and service partner for the Western Region India for about eight years now. The top management of SuperTech is very well qualified and has been in association with Chesterton in Europe and in other international locations, with offices in Mumbai, London, Amsterdam and New York. SuperTech has brought in the best of management and commercial competence to Chesterton in India.

Providing value to industry for over 100 years
A.W. Chesterton Company is one of the largest international manufacturers of industrial fluid sealing, hydraulic/pneumatic and maintenance products. The company works with customers to provide the solutions that help industry run more reliably, efficiently and economically.

Chesterton® leverages state-of-the-art technologies, environmentally acceptable alternatives and strict quality processes to fulfill its customers' expectations of increased productivity and lowered operating costs, while respecting the environment.

The company's integrated services, depth of industrial knowledge and sophisticated product research and design, along with extensive experience in product and program development and customized applications, help to maintain its prominence in the industrial community and global marketplace. Chesterton takes great pride in knowing that its products are setting the standards for performance, innovation and reliability around the globe. A.W. Chesterton Company is ISO 9001/14001 and MRP II Class-A certified. The company's businesses include:
  • Fluid Sealing Systems Business, including Mechanical Seals and Mechanical Packing & Gasketing
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Sealing Devices Business
  • Technical Products Business, including maintenance chemicals, and ARC composite materials for Surface Engineering against abrasion, erosion, corrosion and chemical attack
  • Chesterton-Marine , serving the marine industry for more than 100 years
Capabilities and Resources

With a very good experience, worldwide offices and commitment to customer-centric business principles. SuperTech top management team has the capabilities and the resources that are needed to carry out turnkey maintenance projects with a strict adherence to time scales and service disciplines.

SuperTech has full stocking warehouses for Chesterton products in the western region of India . In addition, SuperTech has demonstrated customer commitment by adhering to deliveries by airlifting supplies not immediately available in their warehouses, towards meeting customer emergencies. In-house Installation and after sales service is always available to all customers from SuperTech. For high priority customers like the 24x7 process companies, a 24 hour, on-call support is also possible.

Engineering Team
SuperTech has a full team of Sales and Service Engineers based in key industrial locations throughout the western region. These engineers, called the Chesterton Product Specialists, are trained comprehensively both in-house and in the field to effectively handle customer applications – engineering solutions, installations, in-plant training sessions and after sales service. Supporting the SuperTech team is the Chesterton team that is further backed up by a near-online support for special applications from Boston, MA, USA.